Welcome to SmokeFly Switzerland

What is SmokeFly Switzerland?

SmokeFly is a young italian company. It produces smoke cartridges for RC model aircrafts, such as aiplanes, gliders, helicopters, and cars. More d'information here.

These products are able to make colored smoke in the sky. Usual colors are white, yellow, red, and green. There exists differents types of smokes, depending on the smoke time and smoke intensity.

The smokes are very easy to use. An igniter is included and it is enough to put voltage to start smoking.

The result is awsome!

We took contact with SmokeFly to use it personnaly in competitions in 2010. Since the result is splendid, we deidcated a website to show gallery. On this website, you can find pictures, videos and information for installation and utilisation.

Latest news and updates

[Aug 16 2016] Using the wireless system from IISI-RC:

[June 16 2016] New movie: Freestyle flight of Yan Müller

New pictures : Yan Müller with his ThunderTiger Raptor E700

[Avril 8 2016] New movies: Freestyle flight of Dunkan Bossion

[Dec 21 2014] The new version of the wireless starting devices from IISI-RC are available by Smokefly.ch:

[Dec 21 2014] New movie: Freestyle with music by Nicolas Gastaldi and his Extra 300 (3m17 wingspan)

[July 27 2013] New movie: Freestyle with music by Sylvain Pasini and his Extra 300 (3m17 wingspan)

[July 27 2013] New pictures: Théo Catros and his Extra 300 (3m wingspan)

[July 27 2013] New pictures: Walter Hofer and his FunCub
[July 27 2013] New instructions to start smokes were added.
[July 27 2013] New fixing techniques were added.
[Oct 4 2012] New movie: Yak 55 of David Zigerli (2m60 wingspan)
[July 6 2012] New movie: Swift of Jérôme Lemrich (5m88 wingspan)
[Oct 19 2011] Added installation information
[Oct 12 2011] Added usage information
[Oct 10 2011] Added bilingual functionality
[Oct 5 2011] Website creation
[Jun 2010] First use in competition by Sylvain Pasini
[Nov 2009] First SmokeFly tests by Sylvain Pasini
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